Mark 30 Years Male from America

As a man of 60 years old. And where I have undergone 3 different Heart Stent surgeries.I found myself broken. The medicines I had to take slowed my metabolism and weight gain came.I tried to exercise but the sports played in my youth, left my knees and ankles in a worn out state.

My Doctors, were on my case to lose weight. I was STUCK in the middle. Then I found Doctor Ravi. For nearly 1 year, I consulted with Doctor Ravi. Pictures were sent, Health record and current health conditions were sent to him.

Finally, we set a date for a "Gut Tuck" a manly way to say tummy tuck. I was scared to a degree. I an American, traveling to Mysore India to be operated on. And alone with no support team.

The Doc and I chatted again, before the surgery. I knew, before I went into surgery,that the good Doctor had consulted with his peers and picked a Super team.

The surgery went well, I would be lying if I said, it was painless. But what would one think when 14 lbs were removed from your lower abdomen. We worked our way to getting me back on my feet in no time.

Near 1 year later, I feel better, my meds have been reduced and I look a lot better.50% of the pain in my knees and ankles has been alleviated.

I wish again, to consult with Dr. Ravi, this time, on the matter of Man Boobs reduction.

I trust Dr. Ravi!!! I believe in him. I have put my life in his hands and would do so again.


Mark Noble

26 years Old Female from Banglore

I consulted Dr. Ravi for a dimple deepening surgery, as I had one prominent dimple on the left, and wanted a similar one on the right.

He clearly explained the procedure with diagrams, and photos of before and after, and informed me about the initial maintenance.

He was very patient with all my questions, and answered them in detail.

The procedure took less than 20 minutes, with no pain at all, as I was given a local anasthesia.. He prescribed a few ointments for application, and antibiotics to avoid infection.

The stitches were removed after a week, and during that time, I could cover it up with a small bandaid.

I really liked the precision and detailing of the position of the dimple, as it very well synchronises with my original left one.

I had 2-3 regular follow ups, to ensure there are no complications.. Overall, it was a good experience, and I am very happy with my two dimples.

Sunil Kumar N (RJ Sunil)    Associate Producer & Radio Jockey    Super hits 93.5 RED FM - Mast Maja Madi

Dear Sir,    It's my immense pleasure to share my opinion and views on the hair transplant conducted by you.

I am grateful to you as the surgery has helped me immensely in all aspects.

 It has yielded a good result for me and has helped me to showcase myself confidently in the society.

There has no problems encountered for me so far.

I thank you for helping me gaining the hair growth


Sunil kumar N (RJ Sunil)


Mr. Dharmaraju S.L - 30 Year old male from Mysore

Dear Dr. Ravi HS,
I am writing this letter to tell you how much I appreciate the job you did on my hair transplant procedure.
I am very greatful to Dr. B.H Manjunath who refered me to you. Was very nervuos about having hair transplant but, your pre operative counseling helped me to move forward with the procedure.
I want to thank you and your staff at 'SUNDEW Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Center' for your professionalism and making me feels so comfortable. I was so impressed with the attention you personally gave to me. My post operative recovey was nearly pain free and the procedure itself was as simple as i could have ever imagined.
I will recommend Dr.Ravi H.S to anyone who is considering hair transplantation- he ia at top of his field.
Please let me know if there is anything more than this letter I can do to show my appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you
Dharmaraju SL

Mr. Ponnanna N.U - 34 year old male from Coorg

Hi Dr. Ravi,
Had a consultation with Dr.Ravi, made the decision to have the hair transplant. I arrived to the hospital and Dr.Ravi.welcomed me and we started by sketching out where the transpants were to be placed. It's fair to say I was pretty nervous about the whole thing but had absolutely nothing to be worried about. I'd had my hair washed and prepared for the initial cut.The most painful part of the procedure was the needles in the back of my head anf the donor area. In the grand scheme of things it's only a few seconds of pain for long term gain. The procedure went very well and very quick and i'd say a 3/10 for discomfort. The atmosphere is relaxed Dr.Ravi comes across as very sincere and "down to earth". His staff are the same and were so friendly and professional. The whole outfit is very professional and they all bond as a team which is really nice. On a whole i cannot fault anything from the setting to the procedure itself. I strongly recommend Dr.Ravi and his team if you are looking for a hair transplant . I did my research for a few years and Ravi exceeded my expectations. The cost was very good, also it is affordable for everyone. I am very happy with the results to see the hair growing and looking forward to enjoying looking in the mirror again and again!.

Thank you Dr.Ravi
Ponnanna NU



Hi Dr. Ravi sir,
I went for consultaion to Dr Ravi for hair growth. He expained all the posiballities of hair growth with operation or without. He expains the process very clearly.
I decided to go for operation and it went smooth. Thanks to Dr Ravi, Now I have got hairs in the place it had fall. I appriciate all his help and efforts.



I just wanted to thank Dr. Ravi Shivaiah for the great job. SUNDEW team was are very professional,diligent,artists,skillful,kind and well versed with their field.
My hair looks great and it is also age-appropriate hair so it looks completely natural.I think i was really lucky to find you in mysore.
After meeting the doctor, I first discuseed about the pain and when doctor assured of very minor pricks only for 10-20 seconds while anesthisia.
Finally, I have taken the date and undergone the procedure.As discussed with doctor same things happened 30 seconds anesthisisa prics,which was really tolerable and after that i have not felt anything. In the course of surgery, doctor was playing jokes with their assistants to make me feel comfortable, breaks whenever required.
I have 3000 grafts planted on my head in 10 hours and the results,the accuracy are over the expection. I have never thought of so much easy procedure. Lastly, I also want to talk about the service they provided was just perfect. Hospital and people around me was just great. I really left the hospital with full of confidence.
Now it has been 2 months after the operation:you can clearly see the differences on the donor and planted area. I have already gained new growing hairs and my donor recovered a lot which was quick i thought.Once again i thank you Dr.Ravi Shivaiah and Sundew Hospital Staff.

Thank & Regards